Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Just heard from my recruiter, Christina, and she told me that due to a national holiday bogging down the immigration office, I won't actually be getting my visa number until the end of September or so, which means I won't be leaving for Korea until mid-October. That's about a month later than I was expecting.

-I have an extra month to spend time with friends/family.
-I have an extra month to try to scrounge up some more money for my first 6 weeks of living expenses.
-I have an extra month to try to learn some of the Korean language so I can actually get by on my own.
-I may be able to squeeze in more gaming with my Friday group.
-I will get to see the season premiere of Supernatural on TV instead of having to wait to stream it online somewhere.

-More time for me to potentially SPEND this money I'm trying to save.
-Another month of "vacation" (a.k.a. sitting around the house going nuts because I'm still technically unemployed).
-Another month of low-grade anxiety attacks. I hate anticipation.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons here, but I'm still pretty antsy about starting this job already.

My friend Monica has taken me under her wing, promising to be part of my support network, since she's done the teaching overseas thing in Ecuador. I will be picking her brain about packing lists, coping mechanisms for culture shock, and general moral support. It's good to have a support network. <3

That's all for now.