Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your Yet Again Late Update

It's been a rough couple of weeks.

Once again, I sum up:

-Got my right ring finger stomped on. It was only a sprain and some bruising, but it HURT.

-The books I've been using for the Book Club level classes are apparently too hard. These are, of course, the books I was given and told to use for the classes, but it's my fault anyway because I didn't realize that the students didn't understand the material. Even though I don't speak enough Korean to understand when kids say things like "I don't get it!" :P

-Month 2 is coming up, and over half of my classes need different lesson plans than I'd originally made. Thankfully, we don't need to submit the written lesson plans anymore. We just give the office a monthly syllabus with the materials and some of the main activities we'll cover, and then submit a "lesson summary" at the end of the week containing anything we did in the class. Sort of like writing the lesson plan after the fact. Sort of. I still feel like I'm going to be scrambling around a lot until I find my feet with this new system.

-Got poked in the eye by the same class that stomped on my finger. With the sharp corner of a flashcard. I have learned to round all the corners on my flashcards now. No lasting damage, thankfully.

-Didn't get any sort of proper dinner on Thanksgiving, much less a turkey dinner, and wound up paying 7,000 won for a couple bites of rice, a small piece of chicken, and a piece of pork from a dish that I realized belatedly contained cinnamon. Was violently ill afterward from allergies and probably food poisoning.

-Bought some new boots and a couple of warmer winter outfits for reasonable prices. Clothes from eMart and boots from a little shop in Itaewon that carried my size. Win!

-Got enough bedding and household items to probably last me the rest of the year. Only need a small saucepan now and I'm pretty well set.

-Made my first student loan payment today! Feels good to be able to start paying those off again.

That pretty much covers it. Off to make something for dinner now.



1 comment:

  1. Yeesh, you've been through a lot!

    Injured by children... that sucks so much. Glad it wasn't worse.

    Sorry to hear about the book club/lesson plan frustrations... good thing you don't have to submit regular lesson plans at least.

    That does not sound like a happy Thanksgiving!

    Nice that you were able to buy the things you need.

    Yay for paying off student loans! That is awesome.