Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Incheon (or "Is This Thing On?")

Does anyone actually read this? I get so few comments, that I wonder sometimes if it's worth updating, or if it's pretty much just ignored. This isn't some desperate cry for attention or anything, it would just be nice to know if there's an audience out there. It's the internet, so I can't even hear the crickets chirping. ;) So, if you're reading this, please comment. Even if it's just to say, "Hi, I read this!"

Not a lot of news, really. Yesterday was a national holiday, Korean Independence Day (a.k.a. "Up Yours, Japan!" Day). No fireworks or festivals. Just a day off work that's going to screw up my Tuesday lesson plans for the rest of the semester (since they'll all be a week behind the rest of my classes). It was nice to get caught up on laundry and other chores, though, so I'm not really complaining.

I did go to Incheon to visit Michele and Sam last weekend. We met in Itaewon, had some marvelous Chinese-American cuisine at Ho Lee Chao (read it out loud, it's cute), and I discovered that I like eggplant. Who knew! We headed back to Incheon for the weekend, made bread dough for calzones and, well, bread, and basically just bummed around watching movies and such. I slept on a floor mat called a "yo", which was surprisingly comfortable for how thin it was.

Michele is a wonderful person. She sure knows how to feed her guests! We had a good time, and I left with a blender and a backpack she wasn't using, so that was cool. I can now make smoothies and I have a better way to transport my laptop to and from work.

We, unfortunately, did not go to the jimjilbang (Korean sauna/bath house), or the fish market, or Chinatown. It was raining like crazy on Sunday, so we stayed in and watched Steve Martin flicks. Next time, though, well will attempt to do at least two of the three, and I will make homemade cinnamon rolls (with the magical Ceylon cinnamon that does NOT kill me via allergic reaction).

In other news...

I had to get my toilet replaced. Ouch. Expensive. Apparently you're not supposed to flush toilet paper or q-tips down the can. Oops.

On a happier note, my fantastic boyfriend Chris has his passport and a plane ticket booked for the end of April! He'll be landing Friday afternoon on April 22nd, so I'll still be at work when he gets here, but I should be able to get to the airport within a few hours after he arrives. He'll have time to grab some food and maybe a bath at the airport jimjilbang in the meantime. I'M SO EXCITED! \o/

No photos this time 'round. Just a general update. I'm trying to post more often, even though it feels like nothing really interesting is happening around here. It's probably at least somewhat interesting to you folks back home, right?

Well, either way.




  1. I always read! I'm sorry I don't often respond, I just don't always feel like I have something to contribute. But I totally always read.

  2. I read! I prefer to comment on Facebook, though, because there I get notified of replies.

    Also, I bemoan the dearth of rabbit-related news. More Gus!

  3. I look forward to updates all the time! Ppl (like Mom) keep asking me how you're doing and I keep telling them to check out your blog! *_*

    what're you supposed to do w/the tp???

    yay chris trip! and yes, even mundane stuff will be interesting to read. ^_^ *hugs*

  4. I read your blog! It's so interesting reading about your exploits in South Korea.

    Let me know if you need any knitting-related supplies and I will send some your way!

  5. I read. I just don't know how to do comments that sound interesting.

  6. Hehe, you don't know me but I read. XD

    Just a side note, old fan of your FTYL comic and surprise surprise, I see you're in Korea! What a coincidence! XD I'm an English teacher in Korea too but probably a completely different area from you!

    Hey, if you're looking for a friend or just someone to use to hear English (XD), hit me up. :)

  7. I read this keep me up om your life

  8. I read and comment on most of the entries, but sometimes late because I don't check in that often. I definitely think you should keep updating - it's probably good for you as well as being interesting for us.

    Yay more good times!

    No toilet paper down the toilet? Blasphemy! Though I have never heard of flushing q-tips down the toilet...

    Yay for Chris visiting soon!

  9. It's nice to get updates from you.. I kinda hope you keep the blog thing up when you get home (since I'm not close enough to actually hang out and all that)

    And you get WAAAY more posts on your blog than I get on mine XD no one reads my for sure ^_^ but I kinda knew that was going to happen.

  10. I'm a lurker, but I read it often!

    <.< I know how you feel with the lack there of comments. ^^; But that is what us lurkers do...

  11. I read it!

    And I know I'm not on Skype a whole lot but I've talked to you once or twice on there :o

  12. Oops wrong name! xD

    ^ Shades of Maybe = another blog of mine. *facepalm*

    Actually normally called GoatGirlNykki.

  13. Morning Maria, I often check in here to keep tabs on you. :P

  14. Maria, I always read your posts and look forward to hearing more about your adventures in Korea :) More pictures of Gus!! Love ya

  15. Hello! I read this! Just kept forgetting to follow you. ^_^