Monday, June 13, 2011

A Belated Cherry Blossom Post

All right, so I've decided, since I have about three metric tons of photographs (which is quite a feat, as digital files don't weigh very much) that I will just start posting short, image-heavy entries in this blog until I get caught up. So, have some cherry blossoms!

You can see cherry trees blooming all over Korea from early April to about the first week or so of May. The trees themselves only bloom for a couple weeks each before all the flowers fall off, but different trees in different regions bloom at different times, stretching the cherry blossom season out to about a month. Or at least, that's how it was this year. And man, it was gorgeous.

Cherry blossoms have a very delicate, sweet scent, and in such high concentrations it was like a soft perfume hanging in the air all the time. When the flowers fell to the ground at season's end, they created an even stronger but not unpleasant aroma as they rapidly decomposed.

Walking down the street, it was as though the trees were supporting great, sweet-smelling clouds of pinkish white. Absolutely breathtaking.

Anyway, on to the photos. Some of these I took with my iPod, most with the good camera.

Taken with iPod near my school and apartment:

Night time:

View from my apartment roof:

Down my alley/street:

That's my apartment building there.

Sick of these yet?

Have some close-ups!

The local park puts up lanterns around this time of year to decorate for Festival Season (which is, apparently, every weekend between April once the cherry blossoms come out and whenever it gets cold again).

And that's pretty much it. Next post, I'll start in on Chris' visit. There will be a few more cherry blossom pics, I'm sure, but Chris will be in some of them this time.

Enjoy your mountain of picspam. Hopefully it won't crash the blog (or your computer).