Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Correction on Departure Date

Disregard that previous schedule.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be heading up to Sauk Rapids to visit a friend, then perhaps going to Coffee to say good-bye to some of my gamer friends in the evening.

Thursday is my going-away party. Before that, I'll be packing not only my suitcases, but also most of my other belongings so they can sit neatly in storage until I return.

Friday, I have a physical exam at the doctor's office, then the Supernatural season 6 premiere party in the evening.

Saturday, last minute packing, shopping, and good-byes. I will be on a plane by 6:45 PM.

Sunday, I will still be in transit.

Monday morning, 5 AM Korean time, I will arrive in Seoul.

So, take note, folks. It's all happening very soon!


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