Thursday, September 30, 2010

The New Guy- Orientation Day 2

Orientation Day 2

It was a good day at orientation. We focused a lot on storytelling techniques, with a special guest speaker, Soo Kim. I didn't get any pictures of her, but she was very enthusiastic and had some great tips for effective storytelling. I think I'm going to enjoy this part of my job a lot!

We also finally got to meet our new foreign teacher! Nathan, from Cardiff, Wales. He's a charming fellow, a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure he'll fit right in with the rest of our group.

After lunch (McDonald's burgers and fries and Coke), we met another special guest speaker, Tyson. He had a couple of really informative and helpful lectures and demonstrations on effective classroom management and teaching techniques, as well as a section on culture shock and cultural differences. I'd heard some of the culture shock stuff before when doing my research, but he brought up a lot of points I hadn't even considered. I'm really glad Tyson came by, because I think his information will help us all deal with the stresses of culture shock much better in the months to come. Understanding, kindness, and respect can do a lot to ease the way.

We finished training early, got Nathan a bus card, and went back to our neighborhood for some dinner. BUT FIRST WE HAD TO CHECK OUT SAM'S VERY PINK ROOM.

We wound up at a place that served something like hot pot. It was full of some kind of bivalve and haddock, but it was otherwise pretty tasty. We also had a lot of beer.

After checking out Nathan's apartment, we determined a few things: His place is bigger and has a nicer view, but whoever lived there last was a slob and a terrible poet. I didn't get any pictures yet. We've all more or less decided that Nathan's place would be great for a party, once it's all cleaned up.

Julia wasn't feeling well, and I wanted to go home, so we walked back together while Melissa, Sam, and Nathan went off to find a store to pick up essentials for Nathan's apartment. Apparently, they failed at that task and went drinking instead. At least they all made it home okay.

Today is the last day of training, and I'm off to work in a few minutes, so I'll wrap up here. Will be back late tonight, as apparently our employers are taking us out drinking. Should be interesting! I'll bring my Benadryl and hope the place we go isn't too smoky.





  2. I'm so glad that you're doing so well! I'll admit, I was worried about you. I'm glad things are great, and I love reading these posts and seeing your pictures.

    You're doing amazing, I'm so proud of you. <3 *waffles*

  3. I was wondering about you and culture shock. Figured it was too early now; it usually kicks in after the "adventure" part starts to wane off. Remember to keep up the blog so we can talk to you and always call home. It really helps. (and that's just changing states - god help me if I change countries)

    Oh god, the hats! I hope Sam is either gay, or has one hell of a sense of humor (or both)! How were the rooms picked for you guys? He seems to have gotten shafted there. Very, very cute though.

    I had forgotten how much you drink over there! I had two friends that taught ESL in China, and they mentioned that they drank ALL of the time. Apparently Americans "barely drink" which I think is hilarious, given every campus I've ever lived near.

    I love that the group has banded together. I'm sure that makes it so much easier to handle all of this newness. Glad you're having fun and hey, if you get sad, just pop into Sam's room for 30 seconds! :-)


  4. So excited for you!! :D *SQUEEE!!* I love hearing your stories! Have fun and wishing you all the best!~

    ~Amara and Andy

    PS <3 Sams room!!