Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So, a first for me. I got up at 4 a.m., was at the airport by 5, took off in a plane by 6, arrived in Chicago around 7:20, and made it to the Korean Consulate building just after 9. After a bit of panic over my lack of correct passport-type photo, I did the interview with two other ESL teachers (there were 6 or 7 there that morning altogether, so I made some new friends!), then made a quick run to Walgreens to get the proper photos made. After dropping the photos off at the Consulate, I took a nice stroll by the riverfront and caught a bus, then a train, back to the airport.

The weather was lovely, and I wish I'd brought batteries for my camera (which I'd brought with the intention of BUYING batteries in Chicago, but promptly forgot), because the riverfront was beautiful. Chicago is very pretty by daylight! Also, flippin' HUGE. It took a good hour to get from the airport to the Consulate, and those trains are not slow.

I got back to the airport pretty early, which was good because it took a long time to get back through the security checkpoint. The line was very long; once it was my turn, it didn't take any time at all to get through, because I only had the one little carry-on bag and no pockets. Traveling light is pretty nice, but only really feasible for day trips, which are exhausting. I don't know how the Minneapolis-to-Chicago commuters do this on a daily basis. O_O

Grabbed lunch at the airport and read a book until my flight back. Now I'm home, comfortably in my pajamas, and trying to work all the crunchy spots out of my back. Ow. T_T I can only imagine what a wreck I'm going to be after my flight to Korea!

Very excited about this, though. I should have my visa and my passport back by next week, and will probably be leaving the country on the 27th. They want me in Korea by the 28th so that they can get through orientation on the 29th through Oct 1st.

That's less than two weeks from now. Pardon me while I flail in a bizarre combination of glee and panic.

My schedule as it stands for the next two weeks:

9/16 Thursday: Getting the rest of my vaccinations at the travel clinic, then gaming with some friends in the evening.

9/17 Friday: Running Dread for my other gaming group for our last night together.

9/18 Saturday: Picking up a new laptop from Apple (and maybe an iPod of some species?). Possibly Garou LARP in the evening.

9/19 Sunday: Visiting friends in Mankato with Dad.

9/20 Monday: Returning from Mankato in the morning.

9/21-9/23 Tuesday-Thursday: Scrambling to get last minute shopping, laundry, and packing done. Also need to get student loans, cell phone service, and traveler's checks squared away. Maybe squeezing in visits and hangout time with friends/family somehow.


9/25 Saturday: I've penciled in a mental breakdown here. And final packing check.

9/26 Sunday: Going-Away Party, open house style, between noon and 6pm. Open invitation!

9/27 Monday: Presumably heading off to Korea!

And then this blog will REALLY get interesting...


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