Friday, September 10, 2010

Okay, nevermind!

Disregard the previous news.

I've got my visa number. I'll be interviewing with the Korean Consulate sometime next week, either Wednesday or Friday morning, in Chicago. Now I just need to figure out transportation, give the Consulate a call back on Monday morning, and set my appointment.

After that... well, once my visa is processed, I'll be booking my flight to Korea. I will likely be out of the country before the end of the month.

Everything is suddenly happening so fast now! I still have to get luggage, Korean language books, little gifts to give to my new employer/coworkers/neighbors/friends, a laptop, work clothes... And I need to make time to see as many of my friends and family before I go as possible!

Ack, I've got the jitters! I was expecting to have at least a few more weeks! Now it's all coming up RIGHT NOW! O_O

Best get to work, then.


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