Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some Useful Websites

This post is mostly for the benefit of myself and anyone else living in/visiting Korea, but even if you aren't, feel free to have a look.

Korea Public Transportation Guide:

Gyeonggi-do Bus Routes

ATEK: Association for Teachers of English in Korea-- they have a really great PDF called the "English Teacher's Guide to Living in Korea" that's super useful and FREE to download!

I may add to this post with updates and more links, or just make posts like this periodically with the same tag: useful links.

Tomorrow's agenda: Explore parts of Anyang I have not previously visited, take pictures with the good camera.

That's it for now.




  1. I hope you had a good weekend ^_^ I did!

  2. Hi Maria! I am glad I remembered to email myself the address to your blog site. It's really great to see pictures of you, and I am really happy to see you wore one of my Tie-Dye t-shirts on your mountain hike! I miss you and wish I had enough money to visit you, Korea looks like it would be a cool place to visit. I don't think I could live there for a year or two like you are doing, you are very brave for going out into the world and exploring! Do you still have the same phone number? I will try to call you later. Love, Mom